Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi friends ,

As you can see we are gearing up to attend the GREAT EVENT. You can see some of our e mails to each other. Come and join us.

From the Bangladeshi (old East Pakistani) crowd we have Ameenah, Taheerah, Ameerah,Naila, Kaneez,Chaman and Qamar. We wish more of you could come too.

In case any of you have missed the site with the invitation for the reunion, here are the details

Keep checking this site as I will be updating it as soon as we get the celebrations started.

love to all,

Qamar 22.04.2009

Hi participants, Are you all gearing up for the great reunion?Well Krishna has a great idea that our batch of 1956-62 could get together for a dinner at the Tripura castle where we are staying and we could all chip in for it.In Shillong we have Zeena, Amy Noorjehan etc some from Gauhati Mitu I am looking forward to seeing you in Shillong. Chaman and I will be sharing a suite may be we can put in an extra bed for you.Krishna please infuse the spirit of the reunion and participating in it with the Gauhati girls .message from Ameenah

Dear Ameenah, Ameerah, Taheerah, Naila, Qamar and all,As you know the Centenary celebrations are from 18th May to 23 May. When are you arriving in Shillong and how long are you staying? Are any of you travelling via Guwahati. If so, I'd love you to drop in at my place, which is on the way to Shillong.I plan to reach Shillong on the 17th and how long I stay will depend partly on what you all are planning. Ameenah, are you thinking of a separate dinner for people of our age group? We could all pitch in and have one, may be in the Tripura Castle. And that's where you'll be staying, won't you?I'll be staying in the Assam House in Stoneymand, close to Loreto and on a hill right opposite St. Peter's School.BTW, the Alumni Association have organised a dinner on the 20th at Shillong Club for past pupils.Do let me know your plans. message from Krishna

Farah Lahon Warjri sent a message to the members of LORETO ALUMNI, SHILLONG. --------------------Subject: HI The count down has begun...... please do your registrations with 1 passport size photograph. And of course PAY the fee!!! After all these years am sure it will be really exciting to meet so many old friends again. Don't miss out this grand reunion. We won't be around to see the next big do, another 100 years from now. Someone told me that some of the ex LC'ites were not interested... I was shocked. After all that one has received/ learnt/extracted from the school!!! All the fond memories... the education.... most of us spent 12 years in there... especially us in the boarding!!! And I feel today the best time of our lives actually... we hated it back then but think back today???? We are hardly asking anyone to give back something to the school but to come and enjoy yourself IN SCHOOL again without a care.... free and happy. Is that asking too much... actually, I guess it has to come from the heart.... Yes I do understand we all have responsibilities and kids, a job and blabla........this is a chance for you to feel and be back...only not in uniform and without books. THINK... YOU'D HAVE KILLED TO HAVE THIS BACK THEN...NO BOOKS AND NO UNIFORM...... Hoping to see just all of you back in school again. Any help needed please feel free to contact us.-------------------- To reply to this message, follow the link below: ___This message was intended for Want to control which emails you receive from Facebook? Go to:'s offices are located at 156 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301.

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Farah Lahon Warjri sent a message to the members of LORETO ALUMNI, SHILLONG. --------------------Subject: Registration Please check the site for details on registration for the centenary. A lisst of People have been put up to help you with forms etc in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Guwahati. Please do contact them. See you and all the best.-------------------- To reply to this message, follow the link below: ___

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