Monday, June 8, 2009

A trip to Shillong Peak

Some flowers and scenes

Taheerah,Qamar,Ameerah and Krishna on top of the world!

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Pragya said...

Dear Qamar,

Thank you so much for your lovely pictures, write-up, etc, on your Blog. You really seem to have captured every moment of not just the Loreto Centenary, the ex-students but everything that is Shillong!
I am very happy to know that you and your sisters, friends, et all, had a wonderful time at Shillong & the Heritage and are still doing so.Good luck with all future L.C Reunion's, dinners & parties! I hope I can visit you one day and re-live those days again.

Lots of love to all of you- Qamar, Ameenah, Ameerah,Taheerah & Naila. I learnt a lot by interacting with you and never felt that there is a 20 year 'school- leaving' gap between us(please do excuse me...!)! Just goes to show that LORETO Students are the same everywhere- loving and caring, often daring, ethical and ever-green!


Pragya Deb Burman,
(Loreto Convent Shillong-Yr 1987)