Friday, July 17, 2009


Read our messages and you will get an idea of how well our little dinner gathering went. We want more of these affairs and we want a much bigger gathering.
We next meet in November. The date and venue will be set soon. Come and join us!!

We met at Chor Bizarre in Mayfair , London, on the 12th at 6.00pm. The venue was organized by Rita Payne , who knows the restaurant owner and managed to negotiate 50% off food and drinks. There were 9 of us: Joya Das , Rita Payne, Naila Kabeer, Qamar Nizam , Rita Roy, Pritha Ray, Rekha Mirchandani, Rukhsana Ground and me. The bonding, the comfortable rapport, the was an excellent experience. We sang the Loreto anthem, much to the amusement of the clientele. We parted resolving to meet again in November. Following our November meeting , we hope to organise a visit to Mother Nives/ Sister Anne who taught and inspired many of us
I hope we can form a forum to meet, enjoy and support all alumnae .

Best wishes and love to all
Ritu Kataky.

Here we have from left to right, Rukhsana, Ritu and Rita

Congratulations to Verity on becoming a GRANNY!! We missed you at the dinner. Hopfully you will join us at the next one around November. Look out for the blog updating soon. Rekha it was so good meeting you and 3 other new friends. The food was great as was the company. Thanks to Naila's fantastic memory we are still able to keep on singing...among other things. Safe journey to Rita Roy who has gone back to Kolkata with some special memories.
Qamar Nizam

It was great to meet up again. Your memories of the old days were impressive, put me to shame. Many thanks, especially to Ritu and Qamar for organising the get-together.
All the best, Rita Payne.

Dear Loreto Girls,

I can't tell you how good it was to meet you all! It didn't seem that we didn't know each other or hadn't met in years, did it? I think that's the secret of being a Loretoite and that too from Shillong!

Pritha, thanks for the photos. Quite good actually!

Qamar, saw the blog and I can tell you I was feeling jealous of you having the time of your lives!

Naila, thanks for the missing lyrics.

Joya, Rekha and Rukhsana... it was great meeting you.

And Rita and Ritu, thanks for the fantastic organising and MOST of all for doing this when I was there.

I'll always remember the evening with nostalgia and look forward to further such meets...wherever!!

Whenever you visit Kolkata it would be lovely to meet you, so do let me know when you're visiting.

Wishing your next meet and the one to Dublin/Durham/Lewes a huge success!

Love Rita
Rita Roy

Hello All, It was a wonderful evening, and we should get together at least once or twice a year to keep in touch ,to catch up and most of all to touch base! To use an american expression. Looking forward to meeting up again!
Joya Das

Here is Joya (top left) with her arm on Pritha's shoulder.Naila and Rekha in front, while Rita Payne sits a little away...only for the moment!!

Dear Ladies
That was a lovely evening and dinner. It was amazing how I could immediately connect with everyone there .I did not know that just having the same Loreto experience would make me feel so much at home with a bunch of women I had never met before . All that buzz culminating with our singing of the Loreto Anthem ,it could not have been better.
All I can say is thank you and hope to see you all again.
Viva Loreto!!

New friends, Rekha and Qamar....Viva friendship! Viva Loreto!!

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