Friday, November 20, 2009

Dinner at the Blue Elephant, London. 8th November 2009

It was a wonderful evening. We were seated in a room surrounded with glass....very thoughtful of The Blue Elephant staff, especially as we felt free to talk and laugh without disturbing our neighbours!! That's exactly what we needed to "let our hair down" and go back to where we belong...Hail Loreto

The surroundings were gorgeous, as if we were in Thailand with waterfalls,riverlets, fish and even a boat.

Joya and Qamar enjoying a joke. I think we laughed most of the evening!

Here we can see Naila, Verity, Jinnie and Rita

Rekha with our newest and youngest member so far, Larimon

Ameerah, Joya and Qamar

Naila, Verity and Jinnie

Larimon and aunt Nayontara. Two generations of Loretoites

Ritu and Ameerah

Some messages

It was a wonderful evening. Loved meeting the other loretoites who are in the Uk.keep up the good work Qamar.Looking forward to another meet at another venue!Joya

Hi,Once again...enjoyed being with you all. Any possibility of seeing Verity dance? That would be such fun!! Thanks Qamar ...great job.Ritu

Meeting all the 'seniors' was great and it never ceases to amaze me how all Loreto girls can identify with each other so easily.
Many thanks again
See you all soon

It was great to catch up with everyone again.Best,Rita

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