Friday, June 8, 2012


 Girls I have to share this with you. I cannot contain it any longer.

Little Ameerah Haq (1956-62) the youngest of the Haq sisters has been posted to NY UN office as Under-Secratary-General in the Department of Field Support Operations. This was announced on April 20th and she will start work from 11th June Inshallah.

She has been UN under Secretary General in East Timor for last two years. After holding their elections she was looking forward to her retirement in December and enjoy life in another way. But Ban-Ki_Moon had other plans and she has been roped in for this new posting.

She arrived home (Dhaka) from East Timor on 27th Night. But it was all in the front page of papers, and TV news in different channels and also went as scrolls.She being absent from the scene we siblings and her nephews enjoyed receiving a lot of Congratulatory telephone Calls. Well when she arrived we did have a noisy tea party with people in the helm of affairs in Bangladesh.

Well I hope you will all share this joy with us and with people who knew her in school. Pray for her good health and long life. Her son Sheehan is working in
Boston and her Daughter Nadina is back to school in Duke to get her MBA.

We remember the sweet Irish Nuns and teachers of Loreto and founder Sister Mary and Therasa-Ball. May God Bless the souls of those who have left the planet and may God give good health to those who are still here. We are eve grateful to them for their contribution to our growth.

Love, Peace and joy,

Ameenah (Haq) Ahmed (proud elder sister)

Ameerah sitting in the middle with her proud sisters on either side and her extended family around her.


If any of you come accross Newsweek May 14th, 2012 The article " A tea grows in Bangladesh" by Alice Feiring refers to our family tea garden started by my husband and now my sons are looking after. You are most welcome to visit us.

The first organic tea garden pioneered by the family----my brother-in-law and his sons ( my nephews!)
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How organic tea transformed a Bangladesh community. sent this.

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