Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This is where three Loreto Shillong friends met. Naila Kabeer, Zarina (Dupley, year of 1959) and Audrey (David year of 1959)

This year Naila was giving a lecture at the University of York, Toronto. Zarina was there and was rightly impressed with Naila's style of delivering and humour. Here they are in front of the poster of the lecture.
 A lunch followed at Zarina's home where they were joined by Audrey.

                                              Here they are about to enjoy sweet papaya

"Beauty comes from the expression and character in your face and not just it's symmetry"
                                                 Robert Jones

Zarina and Audrey are "burries" and love to bake together.

What will they choose this time?...................

Looks like they agreed on something!


The Baking Burries

Two young girls beknown to each other
Wound up together with other girls
To live, eat, breath and play
For many a month and close to a year
To share their lives from nine to sixteen
Tennis and tenniquoite was their speed
Together they competed to quell another
Together they competed, pitched one against the other
Winning or losing
Laughing or crying, still friends
But studying was a chore and
Playing around was never a bore!
Life then took its natural turn
Where the two young girls
One with straight hair
And the other with curls
Went their separate ways
To find their path, to grow and learn
To love and cherish
One to travel and one to stay back.
Each developing their own destiny
One foot in front of the other
Creating their own footprints,their own track
Which took them across the pond
And back
Alas and unbeknown to either
A mutual friend from the past
Brought the two young girls
Now women
To share their lives
To share and rekindle
Admire and trust
The one with the straight hair
And the other with curls
Now their speed
Their children
Devoted and unflinching
In their love beyond and above
The one grey and two weeks younger
The other still slender and two weeks older!
Bonded together by history and a sign
With love and acceptance, no matter what!
The two young girls continue their path
Their quest to understand the meaning of life
Why strife?
The one with straight hair
And the other with curls

On a beautiful Spring Day in May 2012 Zarina and her son Khaled enjoy a joke on his wedding day.

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